R3G1pic1 The Pittsburgh Penguins have made an 8 year offer to Kris Letang in the past 24 hours that team sources say would be third largest contract (in total value) given out during the Ray Shero era.
The Penguins are waiting for a counter offer from Letang’s agent Kent Hughes today as the two sides are deep in talks.
If there’s no breakthrough in talks in the next 48 hours, are we headed towards a trade on draft day? Many around the league believe so and the Penguins want Letang to think that, sources say, but the Penguins have yet to make Letang available for trade.

Sources say Pittburgh’s offer to Letang is said to be for 8 years in the range of $54 million. A source confirms the offer is for “slightly” under $7 million and there’s not going to be much wiggle room from the Penguins end. Some in the organization believe Letang wants $8 million per season.

Pittsburgh also discussed a shorter term deal with Letang in the five to six year range but there wasn’t much traction.
If Shero opens up the trade gates, there continues to be lots of chatter surrounding Anaheim, a team Pittsburgh would like to trade with. Letang does not have a no trade clause but Rob Rossi of the Tribune-Review reports Letang prefers to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Letang’s camp is furious about that report and agent Kent Hughes tells me that report is “unfounded”. Hughes says he has never had one conversation with Kris about playing for Toronto.
Letang I’m told enjoys Pittsburgh because there’s not a huge spot light on him because of stars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin being around.