According to Forbes annual rankings the Toronto Maple Leafs have seen their value increase by 9 percent and are worth $448 million, the highest value in the entire NHL. The top 5 rounds out with the New York Rangers ($411 million), Montreal Canadiens ($334 million), followed by the Detroit Red Wings ($303 million) and the Philadelphia Flyers ($275 million).

The NHL Franchise that has seen the biggest increase in their value is the Pittsburgh Penguins who are worth $195 million, up 26 percent. A Stanley Cup run along with dynamic super stars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin has played a huge factor in the Penguins increase in value. The average team value was $220 million and twelve teams showed a negative operating income including the Philadelphia flyers ($1.8 million) and the Boston Bruins ($3 million). Both teams rank in the top 10 in value. The Phoenix Coyotes came in at #30 ($142 million).
*The average team value in the NFL is $1 billion*