Bruins 3 – Penguins 1

This game was just like all of the others. The Bruins outplayed the Pens in every category of the game. The most disturbing thing with this team is the work ethic. I didn’t expect this team to be outworked consistently every game. The start of the game started with the Pens getting outshotted 9-0 in the first five minutes. From then on the Penguins didn’t have a answer for a Bruins team that is not very good. Once again penalties were a problem. Cairns took a lazy tripping penalty then Surovy on the powerplay in the third period only down 2-0 takes a lazy penalty. With a team with 1/2 of its players who have no skill you would atleast expect to see some work ethic and some good positional hockey.

One player I was impressed with tonight was Andre Roy. He showed a lot of energy, and he should be used more than he is. A couple times a game Therien should put him up on the top line with Crosby to bring some toughness to to that line. I’ve seen Jani Rita play for 5 games now and I like what I see from him. He has a nice blend of speed but just doesn’t have the hands. That’s something you can work on, but most of your stickhandling ability is a lot of god giving talent. Rita and Koltsov are similar players being first round picks and speed they posses. Following the Olympic break I would like to see those two play together the rest of the year and see if they can produce some kind of chemistry heading into next season. Sidney Crosby needs some help on his wings and Therien should put Leclair and Recchi on his wings. They had good chemistry in the preseason so why the hell not give it a shot.

Breaking news following the Pens game…. News reports out of Philadelphia were reporting that Penguin forwards Mark Recchi and John Leclair were two players in on the Operation Slap Shot investigation surrounding former Penguin Rick Tocchet who is the ring leader of the gambling ring that could put him in jail for over 20 years. Recchi and Leclair had a attorney at a post conference following the game saying there is no credible evidence they were involved in gambling. There attorney has just stated Channel 6 news of Philly has apologized for putting there names out there without evidence…The two are outraged and deny these allegations…

Interesting…. We’ll be hearing more about this in the coming days

Other NHL News….

New York Rangers 5 defeat Ottawa Senators 1

…This team is scary good. When you have the best player in the game in Jagr playing at the level he is, anything is possible once the playoffs arrive. This team reminds me of the Pens teams after Mario’s first retirement. Lots of skilled players with speed in Straka, Pruca, Skyora, Rucinsky, Nylander surronding their super star Jaromir Jagr. The only difference between this team and Pens teams of 98-99, 99-00 is they have a stud in goaltender Henry Ludqvist. Take some notes Craig and learn how to build a team in the New NHL. This team has a strong shot at getting to the Eastern Conference Finals and beyond.