The Pirates bullpen squandered a dominant start from Francisco Liriano (2-4, 3.47 ERA) on Friday night. Liriano threw six shutout innings, allowing 3 hits, striking out 11 and walking 1 as Liriano put the Pirates in position to close out their eighth straight game.
    Liriano left the game with a 2-0 lead but the lead would be squandered in the seventh and the game eventually lost in the ninth on a Derek Norris walk-off grand slam, 6-2 Padres win.
    The Pirates have won just 2 of Liriano’s 10 starts this season. Liriano has a 23 K to 3 BB ratio over his last two starts.
2015 Stats: 2-4, 3.47 ERA, 75 SO, 24 BB, 1.09 WHIP