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  • A surprising announcement came from Ray Shero today that right winger Michel Ouellet will not be offered a contract from the Penguins. Shero tendered Colby Armstrong, Ryan Whitney, Max Talbot, Tim Brent, Eric Christensen and Ryan Lannon. I can live with the Penguins parting ways with Ouellet but why didn’t they at least get a draft pick for him. Ouellet might not have NHL speed but he did score 19 goals last season and outscored all of the players the Penguins tendered except Ryan Whitney. If Chris Thorburn can produce a third round pick, then Michel Ouellet should warrant a first round pick. I’m being sarcastic but still this move doesn’t make sense.
  • With the recent Kovalev to Pittsburgh rumors, there’s been mixed opinions about whether Kovalev is worth the risk. Some feel he is washed up while others feel Crosby could rejuvenate his career. If it’s only going to take Malone and a prospect to land Kovy I’m all for him returning to the burgh. Kovalev is still a dynamic player 1 on 1 and just think of Sid setting him up for a one timer from the right side.
  • There’s been a lot of discussion whether Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa deserve to make the All-Star game. Last week, Tony LaRussa said he wasn’t for sure if he would pick Bonds, but one things for certain: they both belong in the game.. The fans want to see superstars not journeymen who have had two good months.

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