Roberts waiting for offer from Ottawa?

Ottawa Senators General Manager John Muckler is expected to be fired this afternoon despite his team advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals. Slam Sports in Canada is reporting that sources say a key factor in Muckler’s demise was the inability to get winger Gary Roberts from Florida at the trade deadline in March,defying specific instructions from Melnyk to do so. In the end, the Senators refused to give up the No. 1 pick in what’s considered a “weak” 2007 draft and instead picked up Oleg Saprykin from the Phoenix Coyotes for a second-round pick in 2008. An NHL source said yesterday Melnyk summoned Muckler to a meeting in New York a few days after the trade deadline. Muckler was asked to explain why the club didn’t get Roberts and “was put on notice then.” *courtesy of Slam Canoe Sports*

My take: It has become evident that Gary Roberts is waiting for a offer from the Sens and Maple Leafs. The Leafs maybe out of the picture do to their desire to sign Ryan Smith but it looks like it will come down to the Sens and Pens. The Senators believe Roberts is the missing link and they will do what they have to do to sign him. Its looking unlikely the Penguins have a shot at signing Roberts

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