Sidney Crosby only untouchable for New Regime

Ron Hextall and Brian Burke enter their first days and weeks at the helm with the entire mindset being on making this a legitimate playoff level team (they’re not right now) and then making the really tough decisions this summer:

And to contrast Jim Rutherford’s trading style of sometimes chasing his own tail, Hextall has to try to tweak the edges of the roster without falling into the Rutherford trap of moving one contract for another.

Everything after this season is going to be about how to restock the cupboard and keeping Sidney Crosby happy on what the plan will be moving forward.

Ron Hextall and Brian Burke didn’t major commitments from ownership with five To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”! Ideally would ownership like to see Malkin retire a Penguins? Of course, but the new regime has full reins to do what they have to do to try to build the best team around Sidney Crosby. Those two will be considerations to be moved after the season, but there is a thinking around the league that Pittsburgh will be met with the cold reality that the trade market won’t be strong enough to warrant moving either and there would be more value to just let them play out the final season of their contracts.

“There’s a popular theory after the season, maybe they would trade Malkin, Letang,” NHL insider Bob McKenzie said Wednesday night on NBCSN of the Penguins new regime. “Both of those guys have no move clauses (Letang can be traded to 18 teams). Market value for players who have one year left on their deal….Not getting as much for those guys as you’d liked. Malkin going to be 35, Letang 34, no means are they washed up [but]…..Very much diminishing assets.”

The Elephant in the Room

The noise surrounding Sidney Crosby’s future isn’t fantasy talk. It might be to some Pittsburgh reporters, but it’s not to people in the know around the league. The Crosby camp behind the scenes are calculated and continue to send out signals that everything for Crosby in the next 4-5 years is going to continue to be trying to win championships.

GM candidates who interviewed for the Penguins job or declined are all aware of this.

Crosby continues to be inspired by what Tom Brady is doing.

“The elephant in the room, what is the short and long-term future of Sidney Crosby,” McKenzie said on NBCSN.

“Between now and end of the season, Ron Hextall and Brian Burke are going to have to show everybody, especially Sidney Crosby, what’s going to be the lay of the land. What we know about Crosby is he wants to win. He wants to win championships. If it’s not going to happen in Pittsburgh, could it happen somewhere? To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”! they’re going to know they have to sit down with Sidney Crosby and see how the next couple of years will proceed. Pivotal time for Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.”

Rumors: Allvin made bold attempt to re-acquire Fleury

As I mentioned the other day in a post, candidates had become aware of a strong desire of Penguins ownership, notably To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”! One NHL source last week even joked that whoever could lay out the best blueprint on re-acquiring Fleury was getting the job.

Give Patrik Allvin [hide] credit for reading the room well as Allvin in his short stint as interim GM tried to reacquire Fleury who remains unavailable by the Vegas Golden Knights. It didn’t get anywhere but he tried.

“The feeling being that was the one big piece [Goaltender] that could make an instant impact. So much so, ever after Jim Rutherford was gone, it was my understanding Patrik Allvin made another attempt to get Marc Andre Fleury,” McKenzie said. “He’s not available right now.”