Tomlin see’s Ryan Tannehill 2.0 in Trubisky?

Members of the Steelers organization made it a priority over the week to tell NFL insiders that Mitch Trubisky is the guy at QB for the entire 2022 season.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Network came out a report that Trubisky’s leash is very long, following by Jay Glazer who went on the record of what Mike Tomlin told him.

From Glazer on Sunday’s Fox NFL Pre-Game Show:

“There are a lot of teams with new quarterbacks, and one of those teams is the Pittsburgh Steelers. And what are they doing in the post Ben Roethlisberger Era? Well, listen… According to people inside the building and those people are Mike Tomlin, this has always been Mitch Trubisky’s team. I know a lot of fans said Kenny Pickett, as he started playing well in the preseason, maybe the rookie has a chance. That’s not been the plan in Pittsburgh. I talked to Mike Tomlin about it again this morning (Sunday). He said ‘Look this is Trubisky’s team.’ His play is to sit Kenny Pickett All Season Long and just let him sit and learn in his rookie season.”