Latest on Rupp, Talbot, & Dupuis
The chances that Mike Rupp avoids free agency has increased considerably in the past 24 hours.

GM Ray Shero and agent Allan Walsh met yesterday in Minnesota and progress on a new deal has been made between the two sides. The two sides have bridged the gap on a base salary and optimism is brewing from the Penguins end that a deal could get finalized by the end of the weekend and be official as early as Monday or Tuesday.
Rupp is vacationing this week and Walsh had expected to have a new offer from the team for him this weekend.
Rupp went into talks earlier this month seeking as much as $1.25 million per season but his desire to remain in Pittsburgh, has led to the sides bridging the gap.
A source directly involved in the talks said that the Penguins have also come up on “their number” but tried to downplay the situation a bit, saying there is still some work to be done.
By how much have the Penguins come up? The source would not reveal but any deal for Rupp is expected to be under $1 million per season.
Rupp last season carried a cap hit of $825,000.
More Tidbits
*As July 1, inches closer, feeling around the Pascal Dupuis situation is that something gets done before he hits the open market.
Sources say Dupuis see’s some developments emerging where it might be in his best interest to push forward in talks as he has an extremely strong interest in returning.
Dupuis is seeking a three year deal but the Penguins are offering two years and a slight bump in pay from his previous salary of $1.4 million.
Some numbers floating around is that the Penguins are offering $1.6 – $1.75 million per season. Just imagine the fan base going crazy, if the Penguins re-up Dupuis for $1.75 million but won’t offer Jagr $2.
*GM Ray Shero remains interested in resigning Max Talbot before July 1. However, Pittsburgh is not going to increase their offer when it comes to a base salary.
What they have on the table is pretty much where it stands, sources indicate. Maybe they go to a 4th year if Talbot comes back to them before July 1.
The Penguins offered a three year deal under $1 million per season.
The two sides are keeping an open line of communication but with Talbot’s reps having his ear on testing free agency, all signs point to him hitting the open market.
*There will be no new developments on the Jagr front today. Shero and agent Petr Svoboda are not expected to meet in person until tomorrow.