Contest: Predict how many rushing yards the Steelers will have this Sunday against Jacksonville
Contest Winner: Wins two tickets in Section C20 Row D
Game: Tuesday January 6th Pittsburgh Penguins vs Atlanta Thrashers
All entries must be received by Sunday, October 5th, 2008 (12:00 p.m.)
Email Predictions to
Tiebreaker: How many sacks the Jacksonville Jaguars will have?
Tiebreaker 2: How many passing yards will Ben Roethlisberger have?
All entries should have the following
1. Name – 2. Inside Access User Name – 3. Rushing yards prediction (54) 4. Tiebreaker Sacks – (3) 5. Tiebreaker passing yards (189)
If no one predicts the exact number of rushing yards, the winner of the tickets will go to the member who comes closest. Members cannot go over the total amount of rushing yards. The same rules apply for the tiebreakers
Example: If the Steelers rush for 85 yards and you predict 86 yards you are out of the sweepstakes. The member who predicted below 85 yards will be the winner of the contest.
Good Luck to all of you who participate in the contest