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Rutherford doesn’t see Pens adding a “game changer”, views window of opportunity for Crosby/Malkin as still being “pretty big”

Penguins GM Jim Rutherford appeared on Sportsnet 590 Wednesday evening and spoke on a number of subjects.
As the trade deadline is 12 days away, none of the players the Penguins are eyeing can be looked at as true game changers and Rutherford admitted that if the Penguins add a player at the deadline, it’s not going to be a game changer.
“I don’t think we’re going to add a player that’s necessarily going to be a game changer for us,” Rutherford said. “We could add a player that could make a difference in a few games down the stretch and maybe one or two key games in a playoff series. That’s what we’re looking at.”
  • On importance of depth upfront: “Upfront it’s important to have depth. Going to try to shutdown Malkin, Crosby line and you have to be able to win with your third and fourth lines.”
  • On what he likes about this group: “The thing I like about this group is we’ve been able to play low scoring games, tight games and we’ve been disciplined in those games….We’re playing the way we need to be prepared to play in playoffs. Is there something different with the Penguins? Yeah probably. People are use to seeing them have high scoring, lop sided games….”
  • On group of Penguins d-men:  “I’d like to get Ehrhoff back in the lineup and get a better idea of our defense. Hope that will be in the next few days…”
  • Rutherford on window of opportunity for 87/71: “The window of opportunity for guys like Malkin and Crosby is still pretty big.” Window of opportunity for other players on the Penguins might not be. There might still need to be some changes moving forward. Right now we got a group of guys who have a chance to do well for this year.”
  • Rutherford’s feelings on the Ovechkin slash: “I’d rather give my money to my family than the league, so I’ll pass on that.”
  • Rutherford on Analytics: “I buy into analytics. Some people talk about puck possession which is important, and we’re more a puck possession team this year than the Penguins have been in the past…. but that’s not the key point that we look at in analytics…..But, I don’t make my decisions based on it. It’s just another way of looking at players. My final decision is going to be made on what my own feeling is, what my gut feeling is.”

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