Two key forwards, Tuomo Ruutu and Eric Cole each suffered injuries in Carolina’s 3-2 loss to Pittsburgh Penguins in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.
Ruutu was injured in the 1st period and did not return to the game. We’re told he suffered an ankle injury and will likely be held off the ice for the next couple days. The Hurricanes will practice Tuesday morning at 11:30 a.m.
Winger Eric Cole who is scoreless in the post-season suffered a knee injury in a collision with Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke.
Hurricanes coach Paul Maurice was angry after the game, believed Cooke should have been called for a penalty and claimed it was a “knee-to-knee” hit.
Cook defended himself calling

the contact an accident. “He was cutting across the middle,” I turned sideways to hit him, and he turned the other way. I almost fell over, too,” Cooke said
Cole is expected to be okay and should be back on the ice by Wednesday. Ruutu’s status will be up in the air.
For the Hurricanes to upset the Penguins they need both players to perform at the top of their games. Losing one of them for even a game will be costly to the Canes