The Penguins had all the numbers in their favor Saturday night vs the Sharks.

A 39-29 shot advantage, 68-50 edge in shot attempts and six power play opportunities to the Sharks four.

Yet, while the Sharks had some puck luck on their side, the Penguins had it Thursday night vs Colorado, it wasn’t a game where you came out of ir thinking the Penguins dominated play by any means, despite the advantage in shots and shot attempts.

The eye-test had the game feeling like the quality scoring chances were strongly tilted in San Jose’s favor.

“Our execution has to get a little better. We had our opportunities. It was a close game,” said Sidney Crosby of the loss.

This was one of those games where it wasn’t a bad loss for the Penguins but it was a game against a quality team with a strong blueline that is similar to the Rangers, Capitals in how their defense defend in coming out to block shots. One reason the Penguins have struggled so much vs Metropolitan teams the last year and a half is because of their struggles to capitalize on second chance opportunities.

While San Jose is a Western Conference team the Penguins only see twice a year, they are the type of defensive team that the Rangers, Capitals are in that they box out very well and come out to block shots. They look to keep you to the outside, limit grade-A chances.

That was something to take out of this game when evaluating the Penguins big picture. You want to start seeing them become a team that can capitalize on second chance opportunities against strong defensive teams. Until that chances, it’s going to continue to be low scoring games against stout defensive teams.

“I thought we had to be hungrier,” Mike Johnston said. “For me it was all about those second chances opportunities.” Johnston cited the Penguins defensemen unable to get pucks through and that was the major difference between San Jose and the Penguins as Brett Burns scored twice and Paul Martin scored for San Jose.

The Penguins quality scoring chances were limited 5 v 5 that had Mike Johnston juggling his lines. In the third period Johnston swapped centers Sidney Crosby and Nick Bonino.

“They [Pittsburgh] were taking a lot of shots, but I don’t think we were giving up any Grade A stuff To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!