Asking prices for mediocre players remain high as deadline is 13 days away

Shero working the phones
According to a source: “Penguins General Manager Ray Shero is waiting for the asking prices to go down on players he is trying to obtain – or – the offer price to go up on players he is willing to trade. That is the status with every GM in the mix this year. Maybe if somebody flinches the market will open up. Till then, the whole NHL is in a stalemate. Asking prices are very high for even mediocre players.”
Thrashers want Goligoski
Case in point, the Thrashers are asking for Alex Goligoski in exchanged for RW Colby Armstrong. A trade the Penguins won’t make for a role player.
Major Deal that fell through
Also I have some new info on the rumored major deal that fell through. It involved more than two teams which is a reason it never got that far and I have new scoop on the player who wouldn’t waive his NTC. Will post it by the morning.
Photo courtesy of Dan4th