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Insider Only Shero to meet with Gonchar’s agent on Friday

Quick update on Sergei Gonchar. I just got word from Gonchar’s agent J.P. Barry who informs me that he and Pens GM Ray Shero will meet tomorrow in Los Angeles at the NHL draft.
It will be the first meeting between the two sides since Gonchar’s camp made a contract proposal over the weekend. As we reported yesterday, Gonchar’s camp has been waiting to hear back from Shero.

The meeting will be a pivotal stage in negotiations. One way or another, movement towards a deal or towards testing free agency is expected to come out of this meeting.
Exact specifics of the proposal cannot be confirmed but a few leaks have come out.
The proposal is a multi-year front loaded deal that will pay Gonchar over $10 million through the first two years of the deal.
The contract proposal is more than two years, likely three years but neither side would confirm the term.
However, the indication I’ve been given is that the prospoal set forth by Gonchar’s camp is a cap hit slightly under $5 million per season.
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