Crosby is Still Kings

Are we witnessing the most dominant stretch of Sidney Crosby’s career since his 25-game assault on the NHL during the 2010-2011 season?

The eye test says we are.

Just as it was Saturday night vs the Montreal Canadiens, in Pittsburgh’s 3-2 overtime win against the Florida Panthers Tuesday night, Crosby was a magician on the ice in all three zone.

Shift after shift it was complete dominance from Crosby once again.

Crosby has been involved in nine of the Penguins last 10 goals, has 25 points over his last 12 games and this isn’t just some dominant 10-12 game run.

Crosby started single handily saving the Penguins season around Thanksgiving when he returned to the lineup from a short absence and it’s happening again where he’s going to will the Penguins to a playoff berth.

This 20-game or so stretch for Crosby is where it might be the highest level of play he’s ever had when you factor in how he’s also taking over games with his defensive play.

13 Goals and 24 Assists over his last 20 games combined with Patrice Bergeron like shutdown ability, this type of two-way game hasn’t been seen before from Crosby at any stage of his career. We’re witnessing why Crosby will deservedly go down as one of the NHL’s greatest players ever in how he’s adapted his game at age 31. Crosby evolving into this good defensively while also seeing his offensive numbers spike has been something else.

Crosby hasn’t topped more than 89 points since the 2013-2014 season and he’s averaged 1.11 points per game over his previous four seasons.

2014-2015 | 1.09 PPG
2015-2016 | 1.06 PPG
2016-2017 | 1.19 PPG
2017-2018 | 1.09 PPG

Crosby with 86 points in 63 games, is averaging 1.36 points per game this season, the highest point per game average in his career since age 25.

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— It’s a small sample but Jared McCann has showed signs of being that Pascal Dupuis type presence on Sidney Crosby’s line away from the puck. Whether he has the hands and distributing ability to stick remains to be seen, but the way McCann backchecks and tracks to the puck is very Dupuis like and the bonus is he plays with a center mindset away from the puck.

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