No parameters have been established between the two sides
It has been almost a month since the Penguins were eliminated by the Montreal Canadiens on May 12th and the Penguins have yet to find any clarity when it comes to Sergei Gonchar’s future with the team.
Penguins GM Ray Shero and J.P. Barry the agent for Gonchar have yet to hold any kind of substantive talks, according to a team source.
The two sides spoke briefly during the NHL combine but according to a source in Gonchar’s camp, no parameters have been established between the two sides yet.
Although no talks are officially scheduled for this week, Gonchar’s camp is under the assumption that GM Ray Shero will engage in talks at somepoint this week.
However, no movement towards a potential deal is expected anytime soon.
The Penguins have been taking a very patient approach, which has caught many by surprise. Gonchar will become a free agent in 22 days.

Parameters are likely to be established by the end of next week at the latest as word out of the organization is that the Penguins will look for an answer from Gonchar on whether he will test free agency by the NHL draft.
It is a certainty that the Penguins will make their first official offer before the draft.
The Penguins set the same kind of deadline with prior big time free agents such as Marian Hossa in 2008. Like Hossa, if Gonchar were to test free agency, the Penguins would likely not cut off talks unless Gonchar’s demands were too high.
A good agent though would try to keep Pittsburgh in play no matter what and Barry is one of the best in the business.
Gonchar’s camp has made it clear that Gonchar’s wants to stay in Pittsburgh but there has yet to be any signs that he is willing to give the Penguins a home-town discount. Interest in Gonchar on the open market is expected to be very high.