The Pittsburgh Steelers made Mike Vick actually look like he was worth that 10yr 133 million contract the Falcons gave him last season and there the only team that ever has. Why was Vick so effective against the defending Super Bowl Champs? Mike Vick was sacked 7 times last week by the Giants but this week was a different story. The lack of blitzing was the reason the Steelers were not successful. The Steelers looked very afraid of Vick and when they did blitz Vick hit Alge Crumbler for 2 out of 3 touchdown passes on blitzes. The Steelers seldom blitzed and when they did they were not successful.

Think they missed Joey Porter. Further examination: In the 4th quarter on the big third down play their was a blitz from the right side where Joey Porter would have been and the Steelers couldn‚Äôt get to him. Vick always flushes to the left and the Steelers were not able to get pressure from the right all game. Joey was sorely missed. The Steelers played afraid on defense and that goes on the shoulders of Bill Cowher. All week Cowher talked like Mike Vick is unstoppable and Cowher coached like he was scared of Vick. Hands down Vick had a great game, but overall this guy is just average. It‚Äôs time for fans to quit giving the defense a pass. The protocol Steel Curtain is not the Steel Curtain anymore. This is just an average defense and that average defense misses Chris Hope a ton. The Steeler “way” is catching up to them because they think they can always replace someone with a lesser player and that method has failed this season.

The early prognosis on Ben Roethlisberger is expected to be held out of the Oakland game but will return against Denver on November 3rd. Although the Steelers stand at 2-4, lets not write them off just yet. There are serious problems on this team like the defense not playing up to par, inconsistent play in O-line, and mental mistakes, but I still believe the Steelers can beat anyone in the AFC. The only problem is, they have been beating their-selves more than their opponents.