Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark came out in support of his star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger today.
Clark who has become a leader in the Steelers locker room, is one of the rare members or players of the Steelers organization to come out in public and support Roethlisberger who is under investigation for sexual assault in Georgia.
Steelers ownership has yet to speak out in support of Roethlisberger.
“I think when guys do these things, sometimes guys make mistakes, ” Clark said today while appearing on ESPN’s First take.
” I’m not his judge or jury. Obviously if we miss Ben for a minute of the game it affects us. But my thing is, to do as a teammate as a friend, is to be there for him if he has any questions or wants to know the pulse of the team. Or how we feel about him, ” Clark said.
“It’s to be there and love on him and allow him back to be our leader. We can’t look at him and say ‘Ben you are doing this and it’s affecting us.’ How selfish is that as a teammate and as a friend?”