The Pittsburgh Steelers are said to still have four to five players with first round grades on their board still available and are exploring options of making a jump from the 56th pick to the top of the second round.

Moving up to the 33rd overall pick would cost the Steelers their second, third and likely a 2016 third round pick next year. The price would be steep for such a move to nab one of the top five picks in Round 2.
That said there is some chatter of Tennessee eyeing a depth inside linebacker on the Steelers roster.

Obvious names would a trade would put cornerbacks Eric Rowe, Jalen Collins, safety Landon Collins, tight end Maxx Williams and WR Jalen Strong in the discussion. There’s been mixed signals on which specific player the Steelers are eyeing. Some talk of Rowe and safety Landon Collins, some chatter of tight end Maxx Williams.