Mark Recchi’s 6th career hat trick wasn’t enough

Penguins lose to Hurricanes 7-5

On Wednesday night the Penguins surrendered the Senators 4 goals, and tonight they decided to surrender the Hurricanes 5 goals. Carolina scored 2 power plays goals in the first ten minutes, and Sebastian Caron gets pulled. Two minutes later with Pittsburgh on the power play Eric Cole scores a shorthanded goal and a minute later Kevin Adams scores right out of the penalty box to put the Hurricanes up 4-0. Two shots later it’s 5-0 and the crowd let this team hear about it at the end of the period.

Once again the Penguins fought back, but it’s getting old seeing this team only to be able to score goals when there down 4 or 5 nothing. When it’s a 2-1 game they never seem to be able to get a goal. The Pens trimmed the margin to 6-3 with goals from the Recchi,Koltsov and Leclair. Mark Recchi added two more goals recording his 6th career hat trick. The goaltending was awful in this game, and IM really starting to wonder if Mike Therrien is the right guy to coach this team. Talent wise this team is awful defensively but look at the New York Rangers. How do they have any better defenseman talent wise than the Pens do. Watch the system they play, everybody is on the same page and in the right position all times. That’s because of their coaching. I expected to see that from Therrien who proclaims himself as disciplinary but I just haven’t seen it. I’m not saying fire the guy because he deserves his own training camp and so on, but i am starting to question whether he’s the guy who can get this team out of the mess their in. Were finding out like many in the NHL feel is that Mike Therrien is nothing more than a above average AHL coach. Skating sprints every second of practice is not going to make this team better, maybe it’s time to spend some time working on positioning than trying to intimidate players constantly.

Bucks Penguins insider.

Sidney Crosby for the second consecutive game was non – existence. He needs to pick up his game. Mark Recchi and John Leclair continue to pick up their games and it couldn’t come at a better time. There both expected to be traded at the deadline, but you don’t give them away for nothing. Despite increasing their trade value, they are showing they still have a few years of hockey left in them, and it won’t be a bad thing at all if the Pens hang on to the both of them for next year.

Eric Christensen and Ryan Malone are two players on the decline. Christensen just fades away in to many games. Christensen has lots of offensive ability but he needs to start playing with a edge when he is out there. As for Ryan Malone, he’s not going to be nothing more than a 15-20 goal scorer in this league, anything beyond that is going to be a bonus. I think with the game opening up, it has hurt him. He just doesn’t have the speed and doesn’t use his body well enough for his size. He needs to take some pointers from John Leclair on how to play down low with his big frame. I’ve said in pasts reports that you keep him for the rest of season, and I still stand by that because his cap number is under a million but if a good deal is on the table, then you should send Malone packing.

The Blue Devils couldn’t match the Tar Heels intensity

UNC pulls the upset
– What a game this was. North Carolina is a team on the rise and even though being so young should be considered a final four contender. It got scary for them at the end with a few bonehead turnovers but they came together and took care of business. After losing all his starters last season, Roy Williams has done a fantastic job this season. As for Duke, they just need to regroup. I ‘ve thought all year they were a bit overrated but they are still a team that could go on and win a national championship. Both of these teams may very well meet up again the ACC tournament.

As for Pitt
– They’ve really hurt thereselves big time when it comes to the tournament. They had a 3 or 4 seed locked up but after the WVU and Seton Hall lost, it’s likely they have dropped to a 4 or 5 seed. The big east tournament is going to be difficult. A likely opponent in the first round is Louisville or Notre Dame. Both teams have played Pitt tough. The problem with this team like past teams is there is no go to guy at the end of the game. U Conn has Rudy Gay and Marvin Williams, Villanova has their 10 guards, WVU has Pitsnogle and Gainsey and who does Pitt have?. Carl Krauser, comon now. He’s been a solid player for Pitt for 4 years but he chokes when it comes to pressure. Freshman L.Fields was one player during the WVU team who made some big shots and the team should look for him at the end of games not Krauser.

NFL news
Who knows whats going on between the players and owners but if things get close expect them to delay free agency a few more days. I think in the end they will stike a deal.

As For Sean Alexander… dont expect him to hit the free agent market. He is about to sign a 60 million dollar deal to return to the Seahawks.