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The Isle of Capri’s vision of the Pens new Arena

The Penguins have the upper edge on the politicians.

After being told for years that their was no public money the Penguins look like they finally have the edge on the local and state politicians. The Penguins were told to find their own way of public funding and they did by joining with the Isle of Capri who have said they will fork up 290 million for a new arena which would keep the team here. Well as everyone knows governor Ed Rendell is a crook and rumors are that he had told the Rattners of Station Sqaure that he will repay them for their campaign contributions but awarding them with the Slots license in Station Square. Now with the Penguins plan out there and Rendell up for re-election next November he has to act soon. That is why your seeing the state and local politicians with a plan B. One way or another with the slots license or not it looks like the Pens will be staying here. After seven years after being down a man the Penguins are finally on the power play.

Sweeden takes Gold

– This was a team coming in that you knew had a chance to be special but didn’t know what you were going to get from because of the health of Forsberg and loss of Nasland. They took care of business and once again Henry Ludqvist was outstanding. Other than him the difference from them getting a gold medal instead of a bronze was the play of Petr Forsberg the past 2 games. He is one of those special players when healthy that can elevate the play of every player on the team and thats what he did. Another thing i saw from the Olympics i how special of a player Nik Lindstrom is. He is hands down one of the top 10, maybe even top 5 defenseman of all time. I would put him above even Ray Bourque. He’s a player that can do everything, Log 30-35 minutes a game, play stellar defense and come up with that big goal like he did against Finland today.

Other notes from the Olympics…. It’s time for Team USA to just overhaul their roster. The problem is they don’t have no big time superstars in the wings as of now. Everybody was talking about Ryan Miller how he should have been there, but he will even be 30 yrs old in the 2010 olympics… Things don’t look good for this team in the future.

As for Canada…. I predicted coming in they would be the biggest dissapointment and like always i was right. They were too old and slow. You think they could have used Sidney Crosby. Four moves they should have made. Crosby, Spezza and Stall should have been on the 20 man roster in place of Bertuzzi,Doan and Draper or Nash. Another move they failed on was replacing Scott Niedermayer with Jay Bouwmeester. The option they should have went with was putting Dan Boyle on the squad. He’s a similar player who is outstanding at breaking the puck out, and from watching team Canada they surely had tons of trouble generating offense through the neautral zone. Great job at putting this team together Bet-Zky…..

Team Russia….. How special of a player is Alexander Ovechkin. He was phenominal during the whole tourniment. Evegyni Malkin was also outstanding. This kid can do it at all ends of the ice. Hopefully the Pens can get him over for next season and one person who is trying to get him over here is Alexander Ovechkin who roomed with Malkin and has told him how a different world it is in the NHL compared to Russia… It was also great to see Alex Kovalev show his talents. He can just dominate a game single handily. He’s one of the few players in the league i would pay to watch any given night. To bad Craig didn’t make him a priority in the off season because he’s the kind of player Sidney needs on his wings. Those two would have been a special combination together for years.

Pirate News…. Kip Wells looks like he is going to be out for the year with a blood clot in his right arm. This may be a good thing for the Pirates because of how bad he has been the past 2 seasons. I wish him well if he’s out for the year, and if he is hopefully that 4 million comes off the books for the buccos.

Steeler news…. With this CBA situation up the air its uncertain whats going to happen to thier top free agents. If no extension is signed they i see them keeping hope and Kiesel if one is signed, i see them losing one of the two and Randle El. Hope should be their top priority but it looks like Kiesel is. Maybe he looked so good at times because he was a backup and wasn’t out their on a lot of plays. Hope has proven for two years he is a tough hard nose safety and the upside may be bigger for Kiesel but atleast with Hope you know what your getting..

Could we see Jamal Lewis in a Steeler Uniform… Don’t count on it but their is a possiblity. Both sides do have a interest and word is the Steeler will make a offer to him if he hits free agency..

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