As I’ve been reporting for the past couple months the Penguins and Marc Andre Fleury are expected to talk about a long term extension in August. Shero confirmed the rumor yesterday when asked about Fleury through the media. There have been mixed signals on what the Penguins are willing to offer. Some believe the Penguins should wait another year while others feel right now is the time to lock up Fleury to a long term extension. The two sides have touched base since the Penguins 1st round loss to the Ottawa. Fleury is seeking a 4 year extension worth 4 million per season i have been told. The issue heading into the talks; are the Penguins willing to offer 4 million per season. Fleurys contract will not be as smooth sailing as Crosby’s contract was, I can tell you that. If the Penguins can sign him to a 4-5 year deal worth 4 million per season, right now is the time to do it.

Update on the Armstrong rumor:
Talked to a good source this morning who says he wouldn’t rule out Armstrong being traded but he said no significant offers have been made since draft weekend. Montreal and Detroit remain very interested. The only way i see him getting moved is if he can bring in another top 6 forward, which seems unlikely.

Heres some speculation regarding Armstrong from a good source:
Anyway, about Colby: “From what I have heard, Shero is not a big fan of his and would like to move him. However, that seems unlikely, especially given that Sidney Crosby‚Äôs camp has made it be known to the Penguins that The Captain would frown upon such a trade. Army is Sid‚Äôs best friend, and Sid has some stroke‚Äîthough, I believe most within that organization act upon what they believe Sid thinks more than by actually finding out what he thinks. “I see no way you get a lot for Army. I think Malone has more trade value, believe it or not. That said, I think Shero would trade anybody other than the Big Five to improve the team; I‚Äôm just not sure Colby would net much in return, and I don‚Äôt think the Penguins believe they can get better return for him than what he brings to the table.”

The Penguins have officially announced the signing of center Jeff Taffe. Taffe, 26, appeared in 17 games with the Phoenix Coyotes last season. He had four goals and two assists. In 100 career NHL games, he has 15 goals and 13 assists for 28 points.