Tangradi locks up roster spot
Eric Tangradi told me after practice that he was informed this morning that he has made the team. Tangradi was extremely excited and told me about 12 family members are coming to the game.
Meanwhile, I also spoke to Simon Despres who told me after practice that he’s been re-assigned to juniors.
Updated: 1:00 p.m. – I sat down with Eric after practice and here are some reactions from him
“I will be there tomorrow, nothing but smiles since I found out the decision, ” Tangradi told Inside Pittsburgh Sports.
It was an exciting moment for the 21 year old who gets to appear in his first NHL home game against his hometown team.
“I’m going to probably have about a dozen people from Philly coming in, ” Tangradi said. “I know they’re going to be wearing their Penguins stuff proud but deep down inside it might hurt some of them, ” Tangradi said.

A decision on Tangradi is believed to not have been made until late Tuesday afternoon from the Penguins brass. Whether injuries played a factor in Tangradi starting the season in Pittsburgh remains to be seen but coming into camp Tangradi wanted to force his way on the team.
“Coming into camp I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure they couldn’t send down, ” Tangradi told Inside Pittsburgh Sports. “I think my play kind of stands for itself. I Think the way I played in camp, I showed them what I’m capable of and I think they need me to be a “piece” of this team and I’m looking forward to tomorrow night.”
Tangradi played well in the pre-season but he plays the type of game where his impact doesn’t always show up on the scoresheet. He said he believes the points will come.
“You know I think all of that stuff {goals, assists} will come, ” Tangradi said. “I play with such good linemates, it’s going to be hard to stay off the score sheet. I think if I just do the little things, get good wall play, get to the front of the net, my line mates are going to create chances and that’s what’s expected of me, ” Tangradi said.
Defenseman Simon Despres who was sent back to juniors following today’s practice, tells me he will take back a lot of experience and is looking to continue the good habits he learned here.
“Take back a lot of experience, ” Despres said. “Just take care of all the habits I used here and use them to the best of my abilities, Despres said.