usa20hockey20logo201Following Team USA’s 4-2 loss to Canada it was the same story as their opening loss to Europe.

Self inflicted wounds, a lack of enthusiasm as a group and most problematic, this was a group built to play one way and they couldn’t even do that well.

If there was one team that was going to have an identity, you would have thought it would have been the United States.

In the loss to Canada, players were leaving the zone early leading to goals and Canada was getting to the front of the net with ease that led to bounces going in.

“I thought the guys were prepared but we blow up, self inflicted, they surge and we had no answer,” Totorella said of his group.

It was a team that was supposed to be so structured and play an abrasive style that it was going to out-weigh their lack of skill.

NHL great Brett Hull, who is working the World Cup as one of the two analysts on ESPN during the intermission and pregame segments, had a great observation in saying after the second period the U.S. just looked mentally beaten down.

That goes with the narrative surrounding John Tortorella’s coaching style.

Team USA flaming out of the tournament has an impact on the Penguins this week.

Head coach Mike Sullivan isn’t going to miss much of any Penguins’ training camp as the final game of the tournament for the U.S. is tomorrow night.

Sullivan who did arguably the greatest coaching job in Penguins history last spring, will now get to run his first training camp as Penguins head coach.

Players report to camp Friday and hit the ice at 9:00 a.m.

While little to no roster spots are available, it’s good news for young players looking to move up the organizational depth chart with Sullivan now going to be around for much of camp.

Penguins coaches are planning to implement some tweaks to their defensive system but not much is going to change to start the season.

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