According to people i have talked to this morning, the Penguins are still looking to upgrade their defense via trade or free agency but from I’ve heard the Jovanoski rumor is B.S. Yes the Penguins may have interest in Jovanoski & Morris but according to a source who has talked to writers and agents over the past couple days, he cannot see the Penguins making a move for either Jovo or Morris. The Penguins are very close to their self-imposed budget and unless they trade Sergei Gonchar which has not been discussed, there is no room for Jovanoski or Morris.

This is just speculation but there have been some rumblings over the weekend the Penguins would like for Kris Letang to begin the season in Wilkes Barre and may take a look at a defenseman like Andy Sutton or Danny Markov if their prices drop below 3 million per season.

My Take: The Penguins signing Markov or Sutton seems very unlikely. Markov will wait it out all summer until he receives around 3 million so count him out. If Sutton could be signed for about 2.5 million per season, i think the Penguins might be interested and i would be all for it but i just don’t see it happening. I have been told the Penguins have been keeping a close on eye on Sutton to see if his price goes down so well see where that goes. If i hear anything I’ll post it. As for Kris Letang, i think he has a great chance to make the team out of camp unless the Penguins bring in another NHL caliber defenseman before camp.