The Penguins coming off of an 4-1 loss to the Phoenix Coyotes have arrived in St. Louis and cancelled their practice for this afternoon. The Penguins are having trouble finding common ground and only have 25 goals in 11 games. With today being an off day its gives the front office and the coaching staff the opportunity to explore their options. Could we expect some changes when the Penguins return from their 9 game road trip? Will they stay in-house to resolve the goal scoring issues? The Latest speculation and a update on Sidney Crosby

The Penguins are expected to have an organizational meeting today. Ray Shero is a very patient man but there is some serious concern from insiders in the organization. Will the Penguins look to solve the problem in house? Most likely. They have called up Chris Minard and may give him another look. Janne Pesonen is being discussed. I have not received confirmation but I was told Shero may go to San Antonio to check out Pesonen and others tonight. When the GM shows up to scout a player, that is usually a sign that the team is considering a call up. We‚Äôll see where this goes but I keep hearing the Penguins only see Pesonen as a playmaker in the NHL and that is why Minard got the call up over Pesonen. The Penguins have been impressed with Minard’s scoring ability in the minors.
This meeting today will likely just be about lines, systems and the direction of the team but my Source does expect Brendan Shanahan’s name to come up. I was hoping to get some new info on Shanahan before I posted this article and have placed a call to Rich Curran. The growing consensus is Shanahan is not a good fit in Pittsburgh but there are a few in the organization who would like the Penguins to look into it. Still all signs point to the Penguins passing.
Very quiet on the trade rumor front. Pittsburgh did recently scout the Colorado Avalanche. Believed to be looking at Marek Svatos who is on the trade block. The Avalanche are selling low and this is something they could pursue but right now everything is premature. Don’t know if Svatos solves the Penguins problems. Pittsburgh is looking for something bigger according to a source.
Is sitting Jordan Staal a possibility? If Dupuis and Crosby are able to play Saturday, it is a possibility. That was the rumor going around the locker room last night.
Regarding Crosby, my source thinks he will play tomorrow in St. Louis. He will get some needed rest today and the undisclosed injury is believed to be a rib injury.