*Musings & Opinions on Today’s Latest Buzz*
1. A team source told me this morning that he would be “shocked” if head coach Mike Tomlin or ownership looked to make an offensive coordinator change this off-season. The official believed the only way Haley goes is if Haley goes after another opportunity, via head coaching position or OC job. However, the official claimed some issues must be resolved in 2013 between Haley and Roethlisberger. I was told there is a “perception” problem between the two, specifically that Haley held back doing what he wanted to do at times (feeling he was brought in to do certain things) and held back on embracing Roethlisberger to the point he wanted, because of the perception he was brought in to install some discipline towards Roethlisberger. In addition Roethlisberger has been guarded towards Haley, which played a part between a cloud being around the two. “There’s a cloud around this offense and Mike {Tomlin} needs to get it fixed,” the source said. The source added on Haley, “I don’t think he’s comfortable here {yet}.”
2. I will say this about Haley. Losing Willie Colon and Mike Adams has hurt the running game and you can’t blame him for some of the horrific decisions made by Ben Roethlisberger in previous weeks. My complaint though of Haley is this: This offense never seemed to develop an identity and a viable criticism towards Haley is that he has struggled at making adjustments as teams studied the tape and have gone away from defending the Steelers man to man, therefore, to combat the dink and dunk offense teams have been playing more zone in the past four to five weeks and it’s been successful in defending the Steelers quick passing game. Haley didn’t adjust enough and needs to adjust his style next season in spreading things out, running less two tight end/full back sets and using more 4+ WR sets.
3. I wrote yesterday that LaMarr Woodley’s performance has been pathetic this season and here’s some more fuel to the fire. Woodley has just 12 pressures this season and via Mark Kaboly of the Tribune-Review, Woodley hasn‘t had a pressure or a sack since Nov. 4 against the Giants — some 195 snaps. Kaboly writes, “Woodley rushed the QB 26 times against the Bengals including nine times over the final 14 snaps of the game but never got a hand on the Bengals‘ quarterback Andy Dalton. He finished with no sacks, QB hits or pressures.”
4. You have to love fans in this town. Was at a Christmas party Sunday night and I was b’sing with a group of about 10-12 guys and a number of them were telling me that the team doesn’t only need to bring in a viable backup quarterback, but the team needs to bring in a quarterback to push Ben Roethlisberger for playing time. No lie and Colt McCoy was the hot name among this group of people who feel the Steelers should bring in to push Roethlisberger for the starting job. At least I didn’t hear people clamoring for Tim Tebow, which I was surprised I didn’t as there was a lot of drinking going on.
5. Most trades in sports work out like this. The team that gets the best player ends up winning the trade. In the Pirates – Red Sox six player deal, the Boston Red Sox got the best player in the Joel Hanrahan trade and that’s the best way to evaluate this trade. However, I will have a post up this evening explaining why this trade shouldn’t be compared to the 2008 Jason Bay trade that some are comparing it to. There is some intrigue for the Pirates.