Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher has expressed a strong desire to return to coaching in 2011 but the issue for Cowher is that there likely won’t be any viable options out there for him.
Cowher is seeking the right situation, top dollar and total control. In reality, those kind of options just aren’t out there as teams are exploring cheaper options and going the assistant coach or college route.
It was reported last week that the three teams on Cowher’s wislist are the New York Giants, Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins.
The Giants are bringing back Tom Coughlin taking them out of the running and the Texans are bringing back Gary Kubiak. Houston had been the team mentioned most prominently in Cowher’s inner circle.

The Miami Dolphins are the wildcard of the group but reportedly they don’t look like an option for Cowher.
“Bill Cowher is unlikely to join the Miami Dolphins, according to a source close to the former Pittsburgh Steelers coach.”
“Looking at potential coaching openings around the NFL, the Dolphins represented the lone opportunity that made sense for Cowher, according to the source, but that sense has diminished.”
“The source said the Dolphins are strongly considering parting with head coach Tony Sparano, but they likely will retain general manager Jeff Ireland. The GM has built a strong rapport with Dolphins owner Steve Ross and also has close ties to former Kansas City Chiefs president Carl Peterson, a longtime friend and confidant of Ross.”
“Cowher, along with commanding a salary in the $7 million-to-$8 million range, would want his own personnel staff, meaning sweeping changes to the football-operations side of the organization — in essence, clearing out those brought in previously by Bill Parcells.”
“Those close to Cowher don’t expect him to move forward with the Dolphins unless the parameters of the job substantially change.”
Other coaching openings are in Cleveland, Denver, Carolina, San Francisco and Dallas at this time.
Carolina, Cleveland and Dallas are not options for Cowher, while San Francisco’s top target is Jim Harbaugh and the 49’ers are not believed to be a team Cowher is interested in.
Carolina is looking for coaches on the cheap and Dallas is expected to hire Jason Garrett.
Two more jobs that could open up are in Tennessee and Cincinatti. The Bengals by no means will be an option for Cowher.