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Sidney Crosby with 16 goals in 18 games, has a 25.0 shooting percentage. His career shooting percentage is 14.7%.

Crosby is not shooting the puck more than he has in the past. What is different from a couple years ago is the Penguins system and Crosby getting chances in the high danger areas below the dots on a more consistent basis.

Crosby hovering around a 25.0 shooting percentage isn’t going to be sustainable but somewhere in the 18-19% range is certainly possible over the course of this season.

Under Mike Sullivan (regular season), Crosby has 46 goals on 233 shots — 19.7 shooting percentage. —

Under Mike Johnson (regular season), Crosby had 34 goals on 316 shots, a 10.7 shooting percentage, well below his career mark.

Crosby’s most prolific goal scoring season was 2009-2010 when he scored 51 goals, a career high with a 17.1 shooting percentage. His most dominant stretch in a season was 2010-2011 when he had 32 goals in 41 games. His shooting percentage that season was 19.9, right around where it is in 70 career regular season games under Sullivan.

Crosby vs McDavid

Conor McDavid (11 goals – 23 assists – 34 points, 1.36 PPG)
Sidney Crosby (16 Goals – 9 Assists – 25 Points, 1.39 PPG)

5 v 5 Points/60

Conor McDavid (3.47)
Sidney Crosby (3.45)

Kunitz close, Impact on Guentzel

Chris Kunitz is a lot closer to returning to the lineup than the Penguins imagined he would be early last week. Kunitz skated again today.

With Jake Guentzel a healthy scratch last night, the discussion has suddenly centered around him with Kunitz close to getting back in action.

Another question is whether the Penguins will handle the situation properly.

This is a kid with 3 goals in five games, averaging 3.87 points/60 at 5 v 5.

Sullivan’s reasoning for scratching Guentzel was this:

“One of the hardest things for a young player is sustaining the level of intensity and the level of play game in and game out. We thought, in the last games that Jake played, he didn’t have quite the sustained performance that he’d shown in the first handful of games that he played in. By no means are we discouraged by it.”

Sullivan added “We’re ecstatic with what he’s brought to the table so far.”

The best thing Guentzel can do is handling the benching like a Conor Sheary did last season when it happened and not like Derrick Pouliot did as Pouliot’s pouting behind the scenes has never helped his cause.

On the flip side, the worst thing teams can sometimes do with a young player is scratching them after one poor game and it starts to mess with the players head in being scared to make a mistake. We saw it last season with Sprong and Pouliot.

Source: Hypotheticals discussed, no formal offers made for Fleury yet

— Western Conference team considering Fleury as long-term option? —
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