Mike Tomlin Explains QB Decision

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin discussed today the QB decisions that will see Mitch Trubisky as expected open as QB 1 and why Kenny Pickett has jumped to No. 2 over Mason Rudolph. (Tomlin said today the depth chart mistake was a cut and paste mistake)

“It was a clerical error. Cut and paste component,” said Tomlin of Kenny Pickett originally being No. 3 on the depth chart Monday.

Why Tomlin, coaching staff never wavered from Trubisky

“Mitch Trubisky is our starting Quarterback,” said Tomlin…….”We’re just really comfortable with what Mitch has showed us. He’s been the focal point of a football team [before]. He took the Bears to the playoffs, two out of four years. He took care of the football in stadium.

In the preseason Tomlin touted all three quarterbacks taking care of the football that made the decisions more challenging but also easier in a way.

“All three of our quarterbacks represented us really well,” said Tomlin. “They moved their units, took care of the football. Mitch is really comfortable in those shoes, displayed that daily,” Tomlin added.

Tomlin cited Kenny Pickett as accelerating his development under the lights.

“I thought his acceleration of development really took off when we stepped into stadium,” Tomlin said of the Steelers 2022 first round pick. “His pin-point accuracy came to the fore front of coming into stadiums. Really grew at a fast pace. Excited of where he is. Ground he has covered and will continue to cover…..

As for Mason Rudolph being knocked down to No. 3…..

“Got so much respect [for Mason]. Didn’t bat an eye or pout. He helped those around him get better.”

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