Steelers Notebook
Are the Steelers considering demoting Stefan Logan as the teams primary kick returner? Mike Tomlin discussed more than just his struggling kick coverage unit during his weekly press conference today.

The Pittsburgh Steelers kick coverage unit could have a few personnel changes this week and the kick return unit may also too.
Mike Wallace had one kick return against the Bengals for 31 yards and there are strong indications that he will get a look in practice this week as the Steelers primary kick returner.
When asked about how Logan has performed this season, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had some interesting comments at today’s PC.
“He’s {Stefan Logan} been above the line, “Tomlin said. I think he’s averaging 25, 26 yards a return. It’s been the best we’ve had since I’ve been here, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable, man, we’re trying to search for the ceiling.”
“We want to be the very best in the world in all areas because it increases our chances of winning. Mike is a guy who’s shown an aptitude for that. He ran three or four back at Ole Miss. He’s handling some of the other tasks we’re giving him to do, so as a guy shows he’s capable of handling things we ask him to do, we potentially are going to give him more things to do. We gave him an opportunity.”
When discussing the kick coverage woes, Tomlin had some harsh words for Logan. Tomlin was asked by a reporter: “Stefan Logan said someone has left a lane on each touchdown, but that on returns we never seem to get guys out of their lanes. Is there a way you can coax them out of their lanes.”
Tomlin responded, “That’s the perspective of a kick returner who hasn’t run one back yet, so that perspective may not be reality.
Carter to start in place of Polamalu
If Troy Polamalu is out for Sunday’s game, which is likely, Tyrone Carter will start in his place. Two weeks ago Ryan Mundy appeared to be passing Carter on the depth chart in some situations but Carter’s play the past two weeks has secured his spot as the primary backup at both safety positions.
Mundy has lacked consistency and he is far from a proven product.