As of late Wednesday night, University of Denver Bozak was considering five teams according to a source close to Bozak:
The New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs and Colorado Avalanche are the four main teams who remain in talks with Bozak.
Bozak informed the Columbus Blue Jackets Wednesday night that he would not be signing with them according to the Columbus Dispatch. The Jackets were in Bozak’s top 6.
There is still believed to be one more team that is being described as a “wildcard” that Bozak is still considering.
A team official with the Penguins told me late Wednesday afternoon that the Penguins and Wade Arnott

the agent for Tyler Bozak held discussions Tuesday morning and as of Wednesday afternoon they have not received word from Bozak’s camp that he won’t be signing with them.
Still, The Sens and Leafs are regarded as the favorites but from what I’m being told the Penguins aren’t out of it yet.
The Penguins have been very aggressive in pursuing Bozak. What I mean by aggressive does not pertain to dollars.
The Penguins have been aggressive in explaining to Bozak’s camp that he has a strong opportunity to succeed in Pittsburgh. The Penguins have a lot of holes to fill in free agency and the Penguins believe Bozak would make the roster as a winger next year.
For agents it’s not about the first contract but it’s about the second contract. That has been the Penguins selling point.
I don’t see Bozak ending up in Pittsburgh but to this point they are still under consideration.