AFC Standings
1. Indianapolis (14-0)
2. San Diego (11-3)
3. New England (9-5)
4. Cincinnati Bengals (9-5)
Current Wild Card Teams
5. *Baltimore Ravens (9-6): Conference Record (6-4)
Latest Buzz: Baltimore is doing what Pittsburgh hasn’t been able to do; Dominate inferior teams.
Remaining Schedule: at Pittsburgh (7-7), at Oakland (5-9).
6. *Denver Broncos (9-6): Conference Record (6-5)
Latest buzz: The Broncos suffered a devastating loss in week 15 as the Oakland Raiders scored a late touchdown to upend the Broncos 20-19. However the Broncos still control their playoff destiny but they have a tough week 16 matchup at Philadelphia.
Remaining Schedule: at Philadelphia (10-4), Kansas City (3-11).
In the Hunt
7. *Jacksonville Jaguars (7-7): Conference Record (6-4)
Latest Buzz: The Steelers need the Jaguars to lose one more game and the best chance of that happening is in week 16 against New England.
Remaining Schedule: at New England (9-5), at Cleveland (3-11).
8. *Miami Dolphins (7-7): Conference Record (5-5)
Latest Buzz: Final two games are at home as the Dolphins need to win out.
Remaining Schedule: : Houston (7-7), Pittsburgh (7-7).
9. *New York Jets (7-7): Conference Record (5-5)
Latest Buzz: The Jets remaining opponents have a 24-5 record.
Remaining Schedule: at Indianapolis (14-0), Cincinnati (9-5).
10. *Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7): Conference Record (4-6)
Latest Buzz: The Steelers live to fight another day. What they need to do the rest of the way is win out and have Jacksonville, Denver and the New York Jets lose one more game. All three teams losing in week 16 is a strong possibility.
The Steelers own tiebreakers against Tennessee, Denver and they control their destiny with Miami.
The downfall for the Steelers is their conference record. At best they will have 6 conference wins and to pass Baltimore in the standings, Pittsburgh needs Baltimore to lose two more games.
Their best hope of making the playoffs is resting their fate on the Broncos, Jaguars and Jets losing one more game. Pittsburgh has life.
Remaining Schedule: Baltimore (8-6), at Miami (7-7).
11. *Tennessee Titans (7-7): Conference Record: (4-7)
Latest Buzz: A major longshot due to their conference record. They turned to Vince Young a week or two late. Their a team that no one wants to play.
Remaining Schedule: San Diego (11-3), at Seattle (5-9).
12. *Houston Texans (7-7): Conference Record (4-6)
Latest Buzz: Need to win out and get a ton of hope.
Remaining Schedule: at Miami (7-7), New England (9-5).