Will Sidney Crosby top 130 points in 2013-2014?

No NHL player has produced a 130 point season since Mario Lemieux (169 pts) and Jaromir Jagr (149 pts) did so in 1995-1996. The players who have come the closest to reaching 130 points since the 1996-1997 season include Jaromir Jagr, 127 points in 1998-1999 and Joe Thornton, 125 points in 2005-2005. Could Sidney Crosby become the first NHL player to reach that mark in 16 years? Everything is going to depend on Crosby’s ability to play in 79-82 games in 2013-2014. Crosby last season averaged 1.55 points per game, which amounts to a 128 points season over 82 games. Crosby in his last 99 regular season games is averaging 1.61 points per game (159 points). Averaging around 1.60 points per game and appearing in 81, 82 games makes it a difficult mark for Crosby to reach but he’s the best bet of anyone in the NHL.

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