Winners of COL/OTT/NSH Blockbuster deal

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While Colorado Avalanche General Manager Joe Sakic has been criticized for months around the league for his handling of the Matt Duchene situation, at the end of the day Sakic showed an ability to adapt from his initial asking price and land what many executives believe was a massive haul for Duchene.

After turning down multiple deals since last year’s deadline, offers more centered around established NHL players, Joe Sakic’s patient approach might have drove Duchene, the fan base and even other clubs nuts throughout the process, but things fell perfectly into Colorado’s lap where a contract stalemate between the Senators and Kyle Turris opened the door for this blockbuster deal between the Avalanche, Predators and Senators to come to fruition.

Of the three teams involved, Colorado and Nashville are the big winners:

Colorado for one did better than many expected:

In the deal they receive defenseman Samuel Girard (2016 2nd round pick), forward Vladislav Kamenev (2014 2nd round pick) and a second-round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft from the Nashville Predators as well as forward Shane Bowers (2017 1st round pick), goaltender Andrew Hammond, a first-round selection in the 2018 NHL Draft and a third-round pick in 2019 from the Ottawa Senators.

In Girard they add a 19 year old defenseman who is already playing in the NHL, appearing in 5 games with the Predators this season, while Kamenev and Bowers are considered pretty good prospects by scouts.

Kamenev was a 21 goal scorer last season in the AHL and had 51 points on the season.

Bowers is a high scoring forward prospect who was the Senators 1st round pick last season. He’s currently Boston University’s second leading scorer.

For moving a player who had demanded a trade, coming off a bad season and just a season and three quarters of control, there’s a lot of quality pieces here for Colorado with the three prospects and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft choices received in the deal.

Predators score big with addition of Turris

In Kyle Turris the Predators traded two mid-tier level prospects and a 2nd round pick for six years of a legitimate No. 2 center who is a perennial 55-60 point player that plays the type of skilled game that should translate well into his early 30’s.

That’s a move you make for a club built to win now and with that blueline where the center position was missing a piece or two.

With a franchise No. 1 center in Ryan Johansen and Turris locked in as the No. 2 center, the Predators have a very good 1-2 punch down the middle to produce consistent deep playoff runs and versatile depth throughout the forward group.

[hide] “I don’t think we’ve ever really had this kind of depth and this type of flexibility or versatility in our history,” Predators GM David Poile said via the Tennessean. [/hide]

How Nick Bonino’s role evolves will be interesting to watch.

Bonino signed with the Nashville Predators because of the lure to be a No. 2 center on a Stanley Cup Contender and play in a great city. Even if Pittsburgh had topped Nashville’s offer, he was Nashville bound because of the increased role.

Now Bonino will have to get used to being the third line center on a Stanley Cup contender again or the Predators may look to move him to the wing.

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Jury Still Out

Are the Senators over-rating Duchene?

Their GM called it a no-brainer to part ways with Kyle Turris who was looking like a tough sign by July 1 and add Duchene who is two years younger than Turris.

Kyle Turris is a very good No. 2 center who has been more productive than Duchene over the last year and a half. Duchene is a very good top-6 forward when he plays up to his ability but is he the superstar type player that can take you to the next level?

Ottawa seems to think so that Duchene has a higher level to reach than Turris could or has for them.

Few, though, would characterize Duchene as a franchise No. 1 center. Some clubs including the Penguins that had explored deals for Duchene at one point believe Duchene is a To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!

Of the three team deal, Ottawa certainly got the most talented player but at the expense of losing Kyle Turris from their immediate lineup, they are no better today than they were yesterday.

If Ottawa had Turris/Duchene down the middle, then it’s a different story.

Losers From COL/NSH/OTT 3-Team Trade

Columbus Blue Jackets: The frustration in Blue Jackets circles is about a week before training camp Columbus believes they had a verbal agreement with Avs GM Joe Sakic where a deal was agreed upon between the two sides minus the trade call where Blue Jackets President To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!

New York Rangers: The Senators and Rangers have a recent trade history and New York was hot after Turris since around late September when Ottawa quietly put him out there in trade talks. The Rangers in the past week push hard to complete a deal for Turris to help solidify their center hole.

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