Round 2 Buzz
Round 2 is set to begin at 6:00 p.m. and look for an early run on of cornerbacks going off the board in the first 20 picks.
Moving up for the Steelers is something the team is expected to actively explore and it’s something they need to do.
The top cornerbacks expected to go off the board in the second round include Texas Aaron Williams (6-0, 204), Texas Curtis Brown (6-0, 185), Virginia Tech’s Ras-I-Dowling (6-1, 198) and Miami’s Brandon Harris (5-9, 191).
Williams figures to be among the first 7-10 players off the board and Dowling shouldn’t be far behind.
The Steelers have had a strong interest in both 2nd rounders Dowling and Brown. There’s even talk that the team has Dowling rated as a first round pick.
Williams as long noted was a target in the first round.
I wouldn’t be against the Steelers making a splash and moving up several picks to land Williams or Dowling and calling it a night.
Brown is somewhat of a wildcard and could slide in Round 2.
Another wildcard is Brandon Harris whose stock has plummetted mostly due to questions of whether he can cover big receivers. He might be there at No. 63 if the Steelers stay put. Unlikely though.
The Steelers are often drawn to big cornerbacks which to no surprise has made Dowling a top target.
Onto the others….
If the Steelers stay put, a few other names in round 2 or 3 include New Mexico’s Davon House (6-0, 200 lbs), Utah’s Brandon Burton (6-0, 190), Louisville’s Johnny Patrick (5-11, 191).
A sleeper is Ohio State’s Chimdi Chekwa (6-0, 190). The Steelers are drawn to Ohio State players and said to like him a lot.
There’s good value out there at the cornerback position but Williams, Dowling, Harris and Brown are the upper echeleon of corners remaining in the draft.
Safety appears unlikely but UCLA’s Raheem Moore is a dynamic playmaker with the ability to play corner. Coached by Carnell Lake, could become on the Steelers radar if he were to slip in round 2.
Other positions said to be on the Steelers radar in round 2 include offensive line and wide receiver.
Some intriguing tackles who could be around and of interest to the Steelers include Benjamin Ijalana, Villanova and TCU’s Marcus Cannon who has an illness but is expected to fully recover.