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Woman claims Maurkice Pouncey punched her in the face

A Woman with a huge welt on her forehead, claims Steelers star center Maurkice Pouncey punched her in the face last night at a nightclub in Miami for a party hosted by the Pouncey twins.
“Went inside @Cameomia 10 minutes just to be punched in my face by Marquise Pouncey for trying to stop him and his brother mike from beating the shit out of my friend @irickyvasquez,” the woman said on social media. “Filed a report even though the Police said nothing probably will be done about this situation. These athletes get on all these f***** drugs and act an ass knowing they will be protected by these clubs because of how much money they spend in their clubs but I’m not gonna let this shit rest. I’m a female and I won’t Stand for no man putting their hands on me.”
Ryan Cortes of the Palm Beach New Times has an article up with instagram posts from the male victim who claims he was assaulted by the Pouncey twins first and the victim claims he was “gay bashed.”
Despite the Steelers always turning a blind eye, it’s no secret Pouncey is somewhat of a shady character off the field.
Last at their birthday bash, the Pouncey brothers were famous for wearing “Free Hernandez” hats, in support for their notorious close friend and murderer Aaron Hernandez.

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