Browns fire GM, will keep 1-27 Hue Jackson as HC in 2018


The 0-12 Cleveland Browns have fired General Manager Sashi Brown. “We have great appreciation and gratitude for Sashi’s commitment and leadership to our organization but believe transitioning to someone with strong experience and success in drafting and building consistently winning football teams is critical to the future of the Cleveland Browns,” Owner Jimmy Haslam said in a statement. “Today we informed Sashi that we were going in a new direction. The 2018 draft and offseason is pivotal for our franchise, we need to ensure that we maximize our opportunity for success; with our picks, free agency and building our roster. An even bigger head scratcher from the Browns announcement is that Hue Jackson who is 1-27 in his career as Browns coach will return in 2018. “Hue Jackson will remain our coach and will return for the 2018 season but we feel it is necessary to take significant steps toRead More »

The Patriots Greatness


Patriots greatness has to be admired Anytime from here on out the New England Patriots are talked about as the greatest dynasty in football (They Are) and in some cases the greatest dynasty in sports history, the past antics of cheating from spygate, ect, has to always be there. But, at the end of the day, you have to admire greatness. A special case of greatness is to be admired and how the Patriots continue to do this is something that just shouldn’t be happening in today’s salary cap world of the NFL. The Brady/Belichick era is going to go down as dominating two decades. Bending the rules as far as they did in the past or still does, can only go so far. This is an amazing run organization starting with Bill Belichick. Since 2008, this has rarely been the most talented team in football. It’s just the bestRead More »

Benz: The commissioner has been neutered


When Judge Richard Berman handed down his ruling against the NFL, and in favor of Tom Brady, many of us wondered what the “post-DeflateGate” NFL would look like. After one week of football, we have our answer: It looks like the commissioner has been neutered. I’m talking lop off the twig and berries. Remember Gene Hackman as the bad-ass law man in “Unforgiven”? I always pictured Roger Goodell looking in the mirror and seeing that reflection. And, in his mind, every NFL player accused of wrongdoing was playing Richard Harris’ role of English Bob. Now though (to complete the entertainment reference cycle) Goodell comes off more like Steve Carrell in “The Office.” And his underlings are walking all over him. Here’s a quick summary of the first regular season weekend in the NFL since Berman deflated Goodell’s balls. Repeat offender of the highest order Ndaumkong Suh kicked the helmet offRead More »

NFL: Patrick Robinson met with Steeler coaches Sunday night, visit will continue Monday morning


View image | STEELERS FREE AGENCY BUZZ If you’re a free agent at a need position who can be signed at a reasonable price and has a first round pedigree, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is often interested. Tomlin is drawn to players with a first round pedigree and it’s no surprise that cornerback Patrick Robinson, the Saints first round pick in 2010, is on the Steelers radar. Robinson flew into Pittsburgh late Sunday afternoon and had dinner with secondary coach Carnell Lake, according to a league source. Robinson is scheduled to continue his visit with the Steelers Monday morning. Robinson has two other visits planned for this week that he intends to take but the Steelers would like Pittsburgh to end up being his only visit as the team has expressed a “strong” interest in signing Robinson, a source says. Robinson, 27, started six games in 2014, andRead More »

NFL: Linebackers Morgan, Graham on Steelers free agency radar


View image | LATEST STEELERS BUZZ The Pittsburgh Steelers are expected to have over $20 million in cap space when free agency begins and NFL agents that spoke with Steelers officials at the combine believe they will be more aggressive in free agency than past years. An agent of an outside linebacker set to become a free agent next week, says the Steelers intend to be “players in the market” for a pass rusher. The belief is Pittsburgh will be pursuing free agents whose market values are expected to fall in the 5 year, $25-$30 million (total value) range. The Steelers expect to lose Jason Worilds who is seeking a deal in the range of 5 years, $40 million. Worilds last off-season declined a long-term offer from the Steelers believed to be worth around $30 million over 5 years and the team did not make a long-term offer thisRead More »