Latest Buzz: Ray Rice released; Penn State is now bowl eligible

A new video released by TMZ of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee out, has thankfully led to the Ravens finally terminating Rice’s contract today. Social media is quite powerful, good and bad at times, but this was a situation where the power of social media was enough to finally see Ray Rice get what he

An Icon has Fallen: Joe Paterno fired over the phone

The Penn State Board of Trustee’s announced tonight that the school has fired head coach Joe Paterno. Paterno announced on Wednesday that he would retire after the season, but to no surprise the university’s board of trustees decided that Paterno would be fired and not allowed to continue as coach effective immediately. Defensive coordinator Tom

The hiding continues in Penn State: Paterno presser cancelled

Penn State trying to control the media indicating yesterday that only football questions would be asked at Joe Paterno’s press conference. Now the school won’t allow the press conference to happen at all School officials have cancelled the press conference, less than an hour before the press conference was set to happen Penn State released