Pirates will be quiet for sometime as free agency is under way


Ownership wants payroll under $40 million Photo: David Hague – Inside Pittsburgh Sports. The Pittsburgh Pirates have $24 million committed to salaries for the 2010 season with the payroll expected to rise to $30-$32 million after arbitration raises. After dealing away a number of high priced veterans, Pittsburgh clearly has some money to spend in free agency but the team won’t be making any kind of splash. The Pirates will be looking for bargains as sources tell TIOPS, ownership has set a payroll ceiling for GM Neal Huntington at $38-$40 million. This coming after Jayson Stark mentioned this week that the Pirates get $80 million in revenue from MLB before even selling a ticket. Pittsburgh’s top priority is upgrading the bullpen but the team won’t be in on any of the top tier relievers and that includes former Pirate Mike Gonzalez. “Our focus is going to be more on theRead More »