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Insider Only Industry Chatter: Penguins not shopping 58 but tested the waters with 2-3 teams on Letang in Mid-December

Industry Chatter on Kris Letang

1. The question surrounding Kris Letang since the Penguins put his name out there in trade talks (around two weeks ago) isn’t that he’s available because he is, but whether a suitable deal exists because of Letang’s scary injury history and a contract that isn’t seen as very favorable because in reality he could be a concussion or another neck injury away from finishing the rest of his career on LTIR.

For now that answer is no which is leading to some pushback from the Penguins end who are going to reporters off the record in denying they are shopping Letang.

Remember when the Montreal Canadiens would deny and deny that PK Subban was in play?

Of course the Penguins publicly are going to pump the brakes on the Letang speculation. They pretty much have to and should. You don’t want that talk hovering around the room, even if a deal was close, which one isn’t remotely.

The Penguins, according to a source, are a bit frustrated that this got leaked.

The belief around the league is that Pittsburgh approached three specific teams about Letang in mid-December and word was leaked out from one of the clubs that Letang is in play. The Penguins have a pretty good suspicion Want the Full Story? Get "Inside Access"

The Penguins are not shopping Letang from the standpoint that they are actively trying to trade him. They are not by any means. But, what has played out here is a veteran General Manager in Jim Rutherford who make an overture to test the waters with a few teams on what they might be willing to do down the road this season for Letang or the summer.

Where the situation stands is this:

Is Letang being actively shopped? — The answer is NO

Is Letang still regarded by the Penguins brass as ‘untouchable’? — The answer is NO and that’s significant if Jim Rutherford eventually decided to mess with this core by the deadline or the summer.

2. NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has talked at length about the Letang situation in various radio segments this week.

Want the Full Story? Get "Inside Access"

3. League chatter is that Rutherford has been chasing Max Pacioretty for months and Pittsburgh would move Letang for Pacioretty in a heartbeat and even throw in Want the Full Story? Get "Inside Access" For now sounds like no dice on that front……. Unconfirmed at this point, but Toronto is another team being thrown around that Pittsburgh approached about a multiple forward package but word is Mike Babcock’s not a Want the Full Story? Get "Inside Access"

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