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Insider Only Huntington as he should enters ‘Buy Mode’ with addition of Keone Kela

Huntington enters Buy mode with addition of Keone Kela

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The Pittsburgh Pirates ‘World Series’ is getting to the wild card play-in game this season.

Every organization has to live in reality.

The next 2-3 years the Pirates are not competing with the Cubs on a yearly basis for the division. It’s just not realistic. The Pirates are also not winning the division this season.

The goal of the organization has to be to put itself in the best position to claim one of the two wildcard spots.


Pittsburgh’s out of nowhere winning streak this month put Pirates GM Neal Huntington in a bind with the non-waiver trade deadline and it forced the Pirates hand to add to this roster and Huntington has delivered with the trade of Rangers closer Keone Kela.

If the Pirates were in striking distance of one of the wild card spots, Huntington had to add. He had no choice but to send the right message to his group and taking a small step in winning the trust back from the fan base is also needed.

While the Kela addition surely won’t appease enough of the fan base, (there would still be criticism from some that Huntington didn’t do enough if he traded the farm for Bryce Harper today), Pittsburgh has taken a step in having the right mindset in putting its self in position to stay in contention for a wildcard spot.

Those close to the situation say the 2014, 2015 wildcard losses led to Pirate management becoming fixated that they should only add if they’re in contention for the division.

That mindset has finally changed and it needs to continue into the future.

Kela, 25, has recorded 25 saves in 25 opportunities while posting a 3.44 ERA and 44 strikeouts in 38 appearances. His 96.0 save percentage is only second to Aroldis Chapman.

Where Kela has excelled is against right handed hitters where he has limited righties to a .125 batting average.

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