The Daniel Cabrera sweepstakes came down to the Pirates, Mets and Nationals. The Pirates and Mets made offers that were very competitive to the Nationals offer (1yr Р$2.6 million). Geography played a factor in Cabrera signing with the Nationals. The Mets not the Pirates were Cabrera’s second choice.

The Pirates are in the situation where players don’t want to come here and they will remain in that situation until they put a competitive product on the field.
The Pirates never made a offer to Juan Rivera as Rivera’s agent made it known his client had no intentions of signing with the Pirates. Rivera re-signed with the Angels for three years.
To this point an official offer to Ty Wigginton has not been made. There are rumors that Wigginton has no interest in returning to Pittsburgh but discussions have continued with Wigginton’s agent. The Pirates have discussed a two year deal worth $5.5 million per season. The Pirates have not ruled out offering a option for a third year. Wigginton is believed to be seeking a three year deal worth close to $20 million and no one expects him to get that kind of contract.
I like the signing of Ryan Doumit. Doumit hit 15 home runs last season and he became a leader in the clubhouse last season.
Atlanta has stopped its pursuit of Paul Maholm but the Toronto Blue Jays have inquired about Maholms’s availability. Remember a few seasons ago when David Littlefield turned down a Maholm – Vernon Wells swap?
Pirates waiting to hear back from Maholm’s representative on a counter offer. Pittsburgh has made a multi year contract extension in the 3-4 year range. Maholm is believed to be seeking a 4yr – $24 million deal.
Colorado, New York Mets and Atlanta Braves have been linked to Ian Snell according to industry sources but Huntington’s asking price is high¬†and it appears unlikely that Snell will be moved.
Nate McLouth is in no hurry to sign an long term extension.
Rumors have Adam Laroche getting between $6 million – $8million in arbitration. My prediction is he gets $6.8 million.
The Pirates need to take a wait and see approach with Laroche. There was some talk they would entertain signing him to an extension this off-season and on a positive note, as of this moment there has been no discussions. As for the trade market for Laroache, there hasn’t been one inquiry.


Toronto and Kansas City made what is being described as minor inquiries for Jack Wilson. He’s going to be the Pirates opening day starter.