A Baltimore Ravens fan sounding off on Troy Polamalu

This by far has to be the best email i have received since starting the Buzzontheburgh. Obviously this guy loves Ed Reed but why it took him 4 paragraphs to prove a point is beyond me…… Enjoy

Dude seriously you really! need to educate yourself because your a Pittsburgh fan does that automatically mean Palomalu is a better Safety? then Mr. Ed Reed!?!?. That’s what it looks like to me because everyone knows in all honesty stats wise and everything hands down Reed is the number #1 best safety in the NFL. He is probably literally the best to play the position in NFL history. Anyways I am almost positive though if you got a chance to sit down with any sport’s analyst on the NFL network and bring what were talking about as a subject who is the best Safety in your opinion in the NFL they would most likely all say ” Ed Reed”. Just get over it your guy is #2nd best if that, just be happy that your have almost the or do have the #2nd best safety in the NFL it’s a hard decision though between him and Roy Williams from the Cowboys. But I would say he is a little bit better then Roy so I give him #2nd I am not going to throw Roy over your boy because honestly I hate & mean hate Pittsburgh but I would rather tell and give out the truth, unlike you who seems to give out bullshit because he’s on your favorite team so you back him up threw thick and thin with bullshit. Anyways a little off subject but I found it quite funny last year when Clayton was matched up against Palomalu & McNair threw a bomb too him & made Troy look like a 2nd stringer , blew right by him and caught that 69yd TD pass boy oh boy did Palomalu blow that coverage!!. He looked like a damn Rookie all game! we were beating up on him and taking advantage of his missed coverage all game and it was his man he blew the coverage on everytime and especially on the TD pass to Clayton!. If I remember we demolished you all that game something like 36-0 LOL!!.

Anywayss I don’t ever lately remember Reed really making any mistakes or stupid blown coverage mistakes againstespecially (YOUR) team or any other team in general. All I remember is when the ball comes his way it’s in his hands usually for a TD most of the time, or he gets like 60 yd’s out of it. Troy will get a pick and maybe get 15-20 yd’s max or maybe a little bit more, Reed always gets WAY more yardage on int.returns then Troy does! i have noticed that is the truth. Just like the 107yd INT in the back of the end zone brought all the way back for a score, or the 109yd INT one as well..I honestly don’t think Troy could ever do that even on his best day he is not as fast and doesn’t cut in and out of traffic as good. But heck maybe in Troys dreams though he could do all that and more, or heck even be better then Reed LOL. Troy knows whose the better guy anyways and he would say Reed I guarantee you if asked the question I know damn well he wouldn’t want to look like a tool and lie and look stupid on t.v. he seems to much of a nice guy anyways to lie he knows he is one hell of a SAFETY but just not better then Ed.. Palomalu probably calls up Reed here and there since they have each other’s numbers for some pointers which I def wouldn’t doubt it for a moment. I bet if you sat down next to Troy and happened to ask him who is a better safety (Only Steeler I actually like and respect) that he would flat out admit Reed is better then him plus he has 1 year up on him. Anyways needed to get that off my chest I hate when I see shit that isn’t true posted and I just needed to let the truth brew into your brain a little bit that bug’s me when I come across someones page who writes shit like that and looks flat out stupid I hate stupidity!.

That is why I had to email you, and I know you wrote that more then anything that he is the best (Safety) simply because your a Pittsburgh fan so your going to back your boy up which is sad when it goes as far as lying that he can flat out, out play Reed any day & anytime and couldn’t even put his shoes on *Laugh*, that makes me fucking crack up!.. And just to let you know I am a Chargers fan so it’s not like I am a Raven’s fan doing what you are doing backing Reed up because the Ravens would have been my team and saying he is better only for that reason. I don’t have to pick Reed as if I was a Raven’s fan and taking his side like you do because your a fan of the Steelers but I do because of the fact he is just flat out better maybe you should learn to only type the truth and not lies on your “BLOGS” and shit that is so wrong not just by my opinion like you will probably think all of this is. But just look at stats and ask anyone who isn’t a Pittsburgh fan they know what’s up ask fans of other teams..But go ahead reply and try and bullshit me with how Palomalu is better when you shouldn’t even waste your time when you know deep down inside your wrong.

You should just swallow your pride take this all in about how I am right (just look up stats and watch footage) which I am but I am not trying to act like I am perfect etc.. I am far from it but I know I am right that Reed is a better safety in general and your a liar when you say he isn’t (Even though we all have our own opinions but stats, footage, articles, and people on the NFL network I have even heard say who the best safety was and they even said ED I am just typing all this truth to prove your opinion wrong). You should fix your wrongly posted post’s on your blog about Reed and only type thing’s that are the truth only. I know your right about how much his contract was that I icleast read!, that’s good. Anyways I am done with this and typing my hand is tired I had to get that off my chest I HATE LIARS.. Sorry that’s just my personality. But reply if you want but learn the fact’s first before you come at me saying NO Troy is better & this and that. Peace -Kirk

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