The Pittsburgh Pirates today announced that they have agreed to terms with the following six players on one-year contracts for the 2014 season, thus avoiding salary arbitration:
• Neil Walker – $5.75 million
• Pedro Alvarez – $4.25 million

• Vin Mazzaro – $950,000
• Mark Melancon – $2.595 million

• Gaby Sanchez – $2.3 million
• Travis Snider – $1.2 million
Neil Walker received the most lucrative deal and is suddenly starting to get pretty expensive. Pedro Alvarez in his first year as arbitration eligible, received a significant raise after making $700,000 in 2013. Prior to the Pirates and Alvarez settling, he projected to get around $4 million, though, many felt super agent Scott Boras would play hard ball and go to arbitration, seeking upwards of $5 million.