Pittsburgh has their eye on other targets
Defenseman Philippe Boucher has drawn interest from the St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars as the 36 year old defenseman looks to receive a guaranteed contract and bounce back from two injury plagued seasons.
Boucher who developed a close relationship with Kris Letang, became a vocal leader in the locker room, has a strong interest in returning to Pittsburgh and battling for the #6 defensemen spot.
Despite Boucher being interested in Pittsburgh, a return to Pittsburgh appears to be murky at this point. Boucher who became a free agent on July 1, has

not heard from Pittsburgh since the draft as the Penguins are believed to have their eye on other targets such as Jay McKee and Nick Boynton, along with exploring trade options.
Boucher appeared in 9 playoff games including Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.
Prior to free agency, there was talk throughout the organization that Boucher would be a target if the Penguins missed out on Rob Scuderi and Hal Gill.
The option is there for Pittsburgh to bring back Boucher but at this point it’s looking unlikely that they will move on it.