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Insider Only Former Penguins Gonchar, Kennedy interested in returning to Pittsburgh

sergei-gonchar11 We’ve talked about the Sergei Gonchar stuff for a few days and after meeting with Gonchar’s camp over the weekend, the Penguins remain open to the idea.
Agent JP Barry confirming to Inside Pittsburgh that he met with Penguins officials to “discuss Sergei” during the interview period, indicated today that the door is open to Gonchar signing with the Penguins but nothing is definite at this point.
“We will see moving forward,” Barry said.
Meanwhile, another former Penguin in Tyler Kennedy has very strong interest in returning to the Penguins but unlike the Penguins and Gonchar, it’s unclear whether the interest is mutual from the Penguins end.
“From our side [Pittsburgh is] very attractive,” veteran agent Steve Bartlett said when asked of Kennedy having interest in Pittsburgh.

“He loved his time as a Pen.”
Bartlett, though, noted during our conversation that “they [Penguins] need to feel he’s a fit too.”
Right now my sense is from talking to team contacts is that Kennedy’s not a target but things can always change.
Kennedy’s ability to drive possession has some outsiders believing he’s a fit in Mike Johnston’s system but better options are out there and not sure you want to take up a spot by bringing Kennedy on the cheap that could be used for a Scott Wilson, other young players who the Penguins need to find out what they have in them.

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