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Insider Only Colbert on breaking off Wallace negotiations: “We have to move on”

GM Kevin Colbert is among those in the Steelers organization extremely frustrated with how the Mike Wallace situation has played out. The Steelers were hopeful that Wallace would sign his RFA tender, come into camp and the two sides would continue to work on a long-term agreement. That obviously wasn’t the case and the Steelers are making it clear to Wallace that he’s not bigger than the team..
“This is unique because it’s a restricted free agent that has a tender that can be signed and you can still negotiate off of that, ” Colbert said on the fact that Wallace could have signed the tender and continued talks.
“It takes two parties to reach agreement and obviously we’re not at that stage. We’ve chosen not to progress with negotiations at this point, ” Kevin Colbert told reporters on breaking off negotiations with Wallace.
Colbert was asked “what if the Mike says OK, we’ll accept your last offer” and Colbert indicated the last Steelers last offer is completely off the table and if negotiations were to begin again, it would pretty much be a new negotiation.

“I think once we made that decision {breaking off talks}, we’re in a different mode and we would have to address any new negotiation if we get to that point.”
“It is what it is right now with him not being here. Really, we’ve got to focus on what we can control, and we can’t control that because again every negotiation’s unique. You put your best foot forward. If it’s not suitable for both parties than you have to adjust. We’re really in a just-move-forward mode right now, ” Colbert added.
“We have to move on. We have to prepare with the 89 guys that are here….. We have to, ” Colbert said. “You can’t focus on who isn’t here because you lose track of what you’re supposed to be doing.”
Colbert indicated that Wallace hasn’t given them any indication on when or if he has any plans to sign his RFA tender soon.

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