If Mike Wallace has his sights set on getting a long-term with the Steelers, he better report at least a few weeks in advance before the Steelers regular season opener on September 9th, to give ample time for the Steelers and Wallace to re-engage in negotiations on a long-term deal.

The Steelers halted negotiations on July 25th after Wallace failed to report to camp, pulling their final offer off the table, a somewhat backloaded deal that would have paid Wallace around $13 million in guaranteed money for year 1. The Steelers organizational mandate is that they won’t negotiate any extensions once the regular season starts, and they won’t change their organizational deadline regardless of when Wallace shows.
Steelers officials contend negotiations between the team and Wallace will be pretty much starting from scratch, if they were to start back up.
The Steelers showed last season they are willing to go right up until the regular season opener to negotiate extensions for the right player, agreeing to a four year deal with Troy Polamalu, a day before the team’s regular season opener against Baltimore in 2011.
To no surprise, Wallace is telling close associates of his that he intends to report to the Steelers before week 1 and his agent Bus Cook relayed that message to the Steelers over the weekend. However, it remains a mystery as to when Wallace intends to report. Steelers officials have privately rolled their eyes at talk that Wallace will report before the Steelers break camp on August 18. They begin fully practicing at the Southside complex next week.